Bad breath because of keto

Many of you have probably experienced bad breath because of of keto diet. This is something that is quite common and also quite natural if you are on a keto diet and have got into ketosis. The reason you get a bad breath is that when you come into ketosis and your body is starting to use fat as the main energy source. This causes a release of ketones and this is the reason that your breath can smell bad.

keto breath

Another side effect with ketosis is that your urine can also start to smell quite strong. This is also quite natural and there is no reason to worry if this happens to you.

There is however no real cure for bad breath because of keto diet. You can however try to hide it by chewing sugar free chewing gum or by using mouthwash. It will not get rid of the bad breath totally but it will help hide it. You could also try some sugar free mints since they might also help hiding the bad breath. If you drink more water during the day this will also help wash away the bad breath a little.

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