Fat bomb smoothies

I just got very fond of something called fat bomb smoothie. I found out about them recently and they are a kind of smoothie that you can drink on a keto diet or LCHF diet. The fat bomb smoothie is just like the name indicates a smoothie with a high amount of fat. The advantage of this kind of smoothie is that it is a good way to get a high enough intake of fat. It also takes very little time to make fat bomb smoothies and they also taste great. I use them as a power booster to get my body to recover after a hard gym workout.

It directly gives me back my energy and helps me build both muscles and keep my keto diet. The fat bomb smoothies is also good from a metabolic point since it will reduce your hunger and help your body get its energy back.

There are many different ways that you can make a fat bomb smoothie but I recommend this recipe over at dietketo.com. The recipe is very simple but still tastes very good. It is also very easy to modify the recipe and make it according to your preference.

fat bomb smoothies
fat bomb smoothies

1 cup coconut milk,
2 tbsp unrefined coconut oil
1/3 cup strawberries
a pinch of salt

You could also mix in some berries of different types to give the fat bomb smoothies some additional taste and to make it different every single time. Just remember that by adding berries you also add some carbs to it which could make it less keto diet friendly.

You can also try to mix in some ice, or some egg yolks to get it according to what you like. Another variant that seems to be common is to buy some whey protein powder and mix it in. That will increase the amount of protein in the drink. You could also try to buy a protein powder with taste such as blueberry, vanilla or strawberry and use that as flavor instead of adding in berries. For more fat bomb smoothie recipes or just fat bomb recipes take a look at dietketo.com.

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