Fat bombs when on keto diet or LCHF diet

If you are visitor to this page most likely you are following either the keto diet or the LCHF diet. Both are diets that are low carb and high on fat. A lot of us however have problems at eating enough fat and then the keto diet or the LCHF diet does not really work as it should. It is therefor important that you eat enough with fat. The best way of doing this is by making some fat bombs that you easily can store in the fridge and take out when you need a fat boost.

fat bombs
fat bombs

I have been on a variant of the keto diet and the LCHF diet for some time now. I am approaching 5 months quite soon and one of the best ways to get that high amount of fat on a daily basis is to eat fat bombs. By doing so I have so far lost around 60 pounds of fat and at the same time increased in strength and power at the gym.

Fat bombs as a boost at the gym

The fat bombs that I make give me an additional boost before I go to the gym and really help me to get the best performance when lifting weights. This is due to that they are so high in fat and since your body is using fat as the main source of energy you will greatly benefit from all that fat in the fat bombs. It does not matter if you are on a keto diet or the LCHF diet. Both diets will greatly benefit from adding fat bombs into your daily food.

You can of course also serve fat bombs to your friends and family. Either as a snack in front of the tv when watching a good movie or when simply drinking coffee or tea. Fat bombs are great for any occasion. Some people who are not on the keto diet or LCHF diet can however feel that the fat bombs contain too much fat and will not like them. You have to try it out with your friends and simply see if they like it or not.

For fat bombs recipe I recommend to take a look over at dietketo.com since they have many different fat bomb recipes there and also many nice pictures of fat bombs. This site is mainly focusing on the keto diet but since LCHF and keto is quite similar I think even people who are on the LCHF diet will find it interesting.

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